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Description: We can produce the finest burgee or pennant for your Yacht Club or boat in various shapes and sizes The Flags can be finished with eyelets, sleeve or the more traditional rope and toggle, We can supply a burgee or pennant in a number of sizes depending on their final use whether it be up high on the rigging or at the bow of your Vessel. We Use the best material available knitted polyester 110g usually printed as a single thickness flag, with the image reading correctly from one side and mirror image on the reverse. We offer double sided burgees and pennants if required.

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  • 3. Digital or screen-printed for the best results.
  • 4. Anti-fray material.
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Burgee & Ensign Flags, digitally printed full colour. Our flags are printed single sided with a mirror image show through to the reverse and are therefore visible on the non-printed side as well so your Burgee will be viewable at all angles!
All of our Burgee flags are of superior quality, utilising the latest component materials 115 gsm M.O.D knitted polyester.
Our Burgees & Ensigns are finished with either rope & toggle eyelets or a sleeve.
Choose “other” if you require some other finishing.
Standard turnaround is 5 working days from payment.
For Custom Burgees you will receive a proof for approval before we go to print.
1. What Are The Main Types Of Flags Flown On Boats? On any non-commercial vessel, you can usually find these four different types of flags:
Ensign – a variety of national flag Burgee – a flag representing a boating organization Private Signal – a small custom-made flag for the boat owner Courtesy – the flag of a foreign country for an onboard guest or when you are in foreign waters
2. What is an ensign flag and when do I use it?
An ensign is a flag from the nation from which the boater originates. They are slightly different from their national flags. Ensign flags used to be restricted to documented vessels only. Now it is common courtesy to fly the national flag on all types of recreational boats. It is proper etiquette to only fly ensign flags from 0800 to sunset, unless you’re in a boat race outside those hours. It is also important to take this flag down before you leave your boat, if it will be unmanned at sunset. If you take your boat into international waters, you should fly your national flag. These days ensign flags are flown off of the stern. If you do this, make sure it is on a staff-pole and that the pole is long and angled. If you offset it to one side like the starboard side, it’ll fly clear of the exhaust from the engine. This will also keep it clear from the rigging.
3. Wait, so what is a burgee flag and when do I use that?
A burgee flag is a small flag that has the skipper’s sailing organization or yacht club on it. It follows the skipper from boat to boat. These are flown day and night. Most skippers choose to fly it lower on the rig. It is usually hoisted on a thing flag halyard, at the end of the lowest starboard spreader. Of course, this is the modern way to fly it. The starboard rigging is known as a place of honor when it comes to flags. That’s why you fly the host country’s flag there when visiting a foreign port.
4. Okay, so what is a private signal and when do we use those?
These are small flags that are custom designed and custom made specifically for the boat owner. It’s flown day and night but is only flown when the owner is in command of the boat. If a different sailor is in command, they are to fly their own private signal. Private signals are flown at the head of the aftermost mast if you have a multi-mast boat. On a sloop, fly private signals on starboard rigging, below the burgee. Unless you don’t have a burgee; then you can fly it alone.
5. What’s a courtesy flag and when do I fly that?
Courtesy flags are flown when you are in a foreign nation’s waters. It also comes into play when you have someone from a foreign country on your vessel. You can only fly a courtesy flag if certain conditions are met: Only after authorities from the country have granted you clearance In addition to the yellow “Q” flag If you have a flag which is in the proper condition. If you fly a courtesy flag, do so at the boat’s starboard spreader or the leech. If there is more than one mast, then it must be flown off the starboard spreader of the forward most mast. By “proper condition”, you must fly a flag which is not old or in a disrespectful state. If you do fly a ratty old flag, you could be fined for being disrespectful!
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