Applique Flags


Traditional Flag Making using Applique

If you require extreme detail from a complex design, then you should talk with us about Applique flags.

Applique offers a luxurious look to your custom flag. Whether we are applying applique of a crest, company logo or just a small portion of a larger design.

Here in our UK Factory we can produce bespoke pieces of art that are painstakingly produced by hand.

Each piece is tailor made to your wishes and offers an exquisite finished product.

Fabrics and Materials are hand cut and assembled with intricate components.

We then send to our sewing embroidery room. Your beautiful and ornate design comes to life with hours of hand and machine sewing to produce the perfect recreation of your original design.

Applique flags often require two layers of fabric to create an immaculate finish that can be viewed closely enough to appreciate the texture and beauty of the Applique.

Applique elements can also be added to other types of processes. Add details to a printed or applique design for a little extra flourish and to add interest.


Custom Applique Applique is a process of sewing the details onto a flag or banner. Similarly to quilting, each detail of the design is a separate piece of fabric. Unlike quilting though, an applique design is layered pieces of fabric. As you flip through the photos above, you'll notice that there's an outline of stitching on each element of the design. This stitching is what holds it to the layer below it. Each item is stitched on by one of our expert seamstresses using a sewing machine.


Applique is a rich and beautiful custom banner process. It lends itself to bold, colorful designs with larger elements and solid colors. We recommend the applique process for flags and banners that will be viewed close up, where the detail can be appreciated. Because it requires such attention to detail, most orders are for one to twelve items, while printed processes are usually used for large quantities.


It all starts with a quote! To quote an appliqued flag or banner, we'll need some details about the finished product. We need to know the finished flag size, if it will be single or double sided, and most importantly, we need to see the design that we will be sewing. Please use the quote request form on the website or call one of our sales members at 01702 841900 to start the quoting process. Once you've received your quote and placed your order with your salesperson, the order goes to our graphics department. Here, your applique flag will be designed to scale and a proof will be emailed to your for approval. Just email your artist with any changes or to approve your appliqued flag, and they will then send it to production. Our production team is a small group of highly skilled seamstresses who will take the templates from the artist and sew together each and every element of the design. Production typically takes 2-3 weeks but your specific timeline will be agreed upon during your quote and order process. Rush orders are often available depending on our current work load.