Feather Flags Poles


Replacement Feather Flag Poles.

Already have a base kit for your Feather flag? if you have somehow damaged your old Poles, simply buy another pole to fit you’re previous kit at a fraction of the price. Simply select what size Feather Flag Pole matches your current kit.

Each of our flag poles are made from a combination of aluminum and fiberglass that will bend to fit any of the shapes offered in their size range. You can use the same Feather Flag pole for all shapes the straight, angled, concave and convex shapes. The feather flag poles are excellent for a variety of uses (both indoor and outdoor) and have been tested for a variety of wind speeds (up to 60 mph depending on the Teardrop flag pole kit).

In stock
Medium - 250cm ( 8.2ft )
Large - 310cm ( 10.2ft )
EX Large - 410cm ( 13.5ft )
2 EX Large - 460cm ( 15.1ft )