Custom Embroidered Golf Pin Flags

Custom Embroidered Golf Pin Flags

Stand out from the crowd with Beautifuly hand embroidered golf pin flags

Add a touch of class to your golf pin flags by promoting your corporate branding at golfing events with a custom embroidered design rather than a printed version

We manufacture and supply both of the most popular style of golfing pin flags which are Available in standard golfing institute size of 14"x 20” using 120 gsm knitted golfing Polyester heavy-weight material any embroidery such as logos can be sewn into the flags.

Embroidery golf pole flags come in any base colours and made individual or in sets of 9 or 18 flags and come with a choice of single sided with 99% mirror image on the reverse or double sided so the image reads correctly whichever way you look at the flags

1: The tube system is a new and effective way of mounting flags. No ties are required as the flag comes pre-attached to a plastic tube, simply sliding over the golf pin pole to be flown

Tubes are made of high-quality durable plastic

The Rotating tubes allows the flag to spin freely in the wind

Top of the tubes include a hole for attachment to golf pin pole


2: Traditional sleeved flags which have ties at the bottom that fix to the poles Tie-on flags have two cotton ties at the bottom that simply slip over the sleeve to fix to the flagpole, and are suitable for all golf pin flag poles


  • Golf Pin Flags are stitched with a double Hem along the exposed sides to ensure long life.