Hand Sewn Union Jack

Hand Sewn Union Jack

Hand-sewn, high quality Union Jack Flags made Here in the United Kingdom.

Each Union Flag is made from individual colored panels cut and sewn together to create the iconic Union Flag design. Our method of using hand-sewn materials has been – and continues to be – the highest quality way to manufacture a national flag. We use 155gsm woven fabric, giving excellent durability and a look of quality. The flag is stitched with a double sewn hem, and comes with a choice of finishing to hang on any flagpole.


Finely crafted Custom Made Sewn Flags

Perfectly opulent. Never before has this degree of intricacy and finish been applied to a flag.Take our hand crafted sewn Union Jack flags for instance. The design of the artwork(s) is perfectly hand traced onto the Flag fabric, and then sewn to the background.  Duplicates of the design are then finely cut & sewn to the rear of the flag. The result: Beautiful hand sewn flags that maybe viewed from both sides. They are made with a level of precision that you’d probably expect from a designer dress – not a flag.

Union Jack Flags, Any Size, Any Quantity.

We started out with a desire to make the whole experience of our union jack flags simple yet delightful, easy yet uselful, durable yet affordable. Our union jack hand sewn flags are beautiful because it's all of those things. Which is why we manufacture our flags of any size & quantity.


Traditional Flag Making using Hand Sewing

Hand Sewing offers a luxurious look to your Union Jack flag. 

Here in our UK Factory we can produce bespoke pieces of art that are painstakingly produced by hand.

Each flag is tailor made to traditional values and offers an exquisite finished product.

Fabrics and Materials are hand cut and assembled with intricate components.

We then send to our sewing room. Your beautiful and ornate design comes to life with hours of hand and machine sewing to produce the perfect recreation of the union flag.

Hand Sewing flags often require two layers of fabric to create an immaculate finish that can be viewed closely enough to appreciate the texture and beauty of the Hand Sewing technique.

Hand Sewing or embroidered elements can also be added to other types of processes. Add details to a printed or Hand Sewing design for a little extra flourish and to add interest.

Customer Feedback

After much searching, we’ve finally found a company that can supply an heirloom quality Union Jack.

Each flag is hand sewn together IN England and is of tremendous quality.

This company makes the flags that fly on government buildings in the UK. This picture and video below is of a sample they sent us. They’re beautiful. They will look great anywhere you display them and they’ll be an heirloom. The quality here is much better than a cheap typical nylon/polyester flag that are common. We wanted to offer something unique and truly special.