Artwork Guidelines

Supplying Artwork

To ensure we are able to print your flag as quickly as possible, please make sure you have completed the following steps. If you require us to match to certain colours such PANTONE, please supply us with either a PANTONE number or physical swatch.

  • All images are embedded in the file
  • All fonts are converted to outlines
  • You are using CMYK colour mode
  • Any photographs have a resolution of at least 100dpi

Important note: It is vital that you leave a 60mm safe area in from the edge of your artwork. Important items such as text that needs to be legible or images that you don’t want obsecured should not be placed here.

Please send your artwork to us by email to:

File Formats

We accept the following file formats:

Flag Design Scale Templates

You can download an Adobe Photoshop PDF file for each model in our range. These provide a 1:25 scale template for you to accurately create your flag artwork to maximise the full printable area of the product. Each template also contains a table to indicate any specific Pantone or CMYK preferences. Right-click to save these files straight to your computer.

Teardrop Flag 100 Teardrop Flag 200 Teardrop Flag 300 Teardrop Flag 400