Bicycle Flags

Great for Bike Safety and Brand Advertising too!

Bike Flags

We carry a great variety of bike flags that are used for all kind of purposes. Initially these were designed for bike safety as they greatly increase the visibility of the rider but a lot of our customers started to see the strength of using these as an on the go marketing tools. All in all, they are a fun and effective way to decorate your bike! This is an affordable way of marketing your bike rental business or unifying the look of a bike event. These products are easily integrated for use on ATV’s, golf carts and wheelchairs!

Remember, bike flags are also a great addition to your child’s bike. The height of the pole and the brightly coloured flag add not only visibility but a unique fun flair! Going out for a family bike ride? A bike flag is a great way to stay together in a crowd. There also great for field days, bike races or as a personalised gift.

The bicycle safety flag is a 10-18 inch long triangle of colourful Knitted Polyester material that is suspended above the bicycle on a flexible plastic shaft. As the rider moves, the flag waves around, alerting traffic (even if the bicycle is hidden by a car) that there is a biker in the area. Made from fiberglass, the bike flag poles are 6′ tall to add maximum visibility.

Installed in seconds!

1. Remove the nut that holds the back wheel in place.
2. Slide the bracket over the exposed bolt and replace the nut.
3. Secure the nut in place tightly to keep bracket upright.
4. Slide whip rod with mounted flag into the bracket.

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