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Almost every yacht club has a unique boat flag that identifies their member’s boats. There’s a lot written about etiquette on how to fly your boat flags depending on vessel type. Modern sailing vessels fly the boat flag from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast, while older sailing vessels fly the boat flag from the main masthead. Power boats fly the boat flags off a short staff on the bow. Yachters love “Opening Day” when they get to parade their yachts and fly their boat flags.

All of our boat flags are made to the highest standard and meet maritime requirements. We supply all our boat flags ready to fly, so you can start using them straight away.

We offer a wide range of boating flags, including Ensigns, code of signals, jacks, rank flags and many more! We can supply code of signal replacements or as a full set of 40. Ensigns are required by maritime law for any British ship, whether its civilian or military. We can supply your ensign flags which meet regulations and are made to the highest quality. All our custom boat flags are made to your unique specifications, we make sure all our flags are compliant with strict law specifications.

Eclipse Flags have been manufacturing boat flags for 30 years; we offer a full range of boat flags of all sizes and specifications and they are printed on the highest quality 100% knitted polyester using eco friendly fade resistant inks that don’t run or fade when they get wet.

That’s why you should choose Eclipse Flags when you want your boat flag manufactured, because we have your interest at heart and we will make your boat flags exactly how you want them made, which includes your logo or custom design on the flag, or a more personalized boat flag that has your name of your club emblazoned on your flag.

All our Boat Flags are carefully manufactured utilising high quality traditional heavyweight 115gsm knitted polyester material. Extra rugged weave actually exceeds UK specifications. We use the most modern dyeing techniques to ensure brilliant colours that are weather fast. The dyes used in our manufacturing process are all tested for UV stability.

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