Hand Waver Flags

Eclipse flags have manufactured and supplied hand waving products since the late 80’s, we’ve had enough experience to know what’s right for you. Tailored to suit many different promotions and events, Eclipse flags hand wavers really get your message across in a highly visual yet fun and exciting way. We make sure our prices are always kept as low as possible in this highly competitive market. They are printed on the highest quality 100% polyester knitted material using eco friendly fade resistant inks that don’t run or fade in extreme conditions.

All our promotional and event flags are high effective and easily visible from a distance. Our superior quality hand waving flags can be used for all kinds of occasions. We really do offer an eye catching, cost effective and unique touch to any event. Vibrant, eye catching and fully bespoke designs make our products far superior from our competitors. It’s a great way to stand in at an event or in a crowd.

Hand waving flags are typically used in multiples for events like marathons, football matches, rugby matches, athletics meetings, special events, protest marches cup finals, marathons, processions, celebration parades, carnivals and various other sporting events that take place throughout the year.

Plus we have a turnaround of just 24 hours (subject to workload) delivered anywhere in the UK or overseas if required. Plus our specialist advisors are happy to discuss your hand waving flag requirements either by telephone or via email; whatever suits you best, just get in touch if you need some help.

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